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"I studied my BJJ from Renshi Sensei Benny Benavidez. Because of his teachings,  I've had equal or better footing against other BJJ practitioners from around the world. I've rolled with purple belts and higher in the Philippines, Dallas/Fort Worth, and other areas.  Learning from Renshi Sensei has truly been an honor and a great opportunity."

~Tony Magana

I started off with the intention of getting back into shape. I never knew that with Xtreem's teachings that it would help me change not only my body, but my mind as well. The classes are xtreem, the people you meet are unlike anyother, and what you learn you will take with for a lifetime. "

~Kevin Barthlow


"If you are looking for an environment open to learning, growing and developing then Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu MMA is for you, regardless of your skill level.  Renshi Sensei Benny is passionately articulate and patient with sharing his expertise and guiding students to make jiu-jitsu and MMA techniques their own.  I have been under Renshi Sensei's tutelage for a few years and have learned tremendously from his teachings. The classes are challenging and it is hard to not get hooked to the overall feel of camaraderie between students and maturing one’s skill level through proper training.  From basic and fundamental moves to advanced moves, Renshi Sensei expertly demonstrates why they work, how they work and if there is an escape, how to execute it.  “Steel sharpens steel” Renshi Sensei says and this is absolutely true of Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu, where advancing to the next level is both a physical and mental endeavor, but definitely more mental.  Because of this, the benefits of training at Xtreem extend beyond the mat and carry over to other aspects of life.  Xtreem offers a standard that can’t be matched."

~Ish Mendiola